Metaphysical Chapel Of Light And Empowerment 

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  We Believe in, and teach the Metapysical Spiritual laws that Jesus taught. These laws include the following, and others.

  • Law of cause and effect
  • Law of attraction
  • Law of return
  • Law of multiplicity
  • Law of polarity
  • Law of expectations
  • Law of empowerment
  • Law of forgiveness
  • Law of love 
  • Law of karma
  • Law of belief
 Law of love:
St. Francis of Assisi best describes the Law of Love: "It is in giving love, that we receive love". We fall in love with someone, not because we expect to receive love back from them, but simply because we love their being, their soul. We love them because they are a droplet of the Divine. We recognize the God or Goddess within them and consequently want to love and serve them. Some special words to remember follow along the way:

  • Recognize and accept Love as our true nature.
  • Be loving, gentle and respectful towards others in your thoughts, speech and actions.
  • Surrender your ego to others.
  • Hold your relationships with others more important than any issue.
  • Be centered and connected to your Inner Source.
  • Love others unconditionally and serve and support in their personal and spiritual growth.
  • Keep communications open and love conscious, active, and present as we heal and grow together

The Law of Abundance: 

As a person thinks in their heart, so are they. We create our realities with our thoughts. If we think good and beauty, so shall we find good and beauty. 
What we hold in our consciousness expresses itself in life. If we hold poverty, illness, war, and other negative thoughts, they will manifest. 
Thus what we think or visualize comes into manifestation.
 Learn to create in life that which we want and that which will serve mankind.

It has been said that you cannot out-give the Universe. Feel free to help us do God's work with a donation of your choosing.

Love and blessings.
May you always prosper in God's Divine light!

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